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Is a story of an orphaned girl-turned-child philanthropist; a story of an adoptive mother who is pursuing a Higher Purpose in life; a story of children and youth who are inspired to do good for others; a story of families who…

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Kids Rise Inspire Soar Charitable Foundation’s mission is to positively impact the lives of children – both the disadvantaged and the advantaged.

We help the disadvantaged children rise by developing and implementing self-sustainable programs that provide resources to fill basic needs as well as teach and develop the value of hard work and self-motivation towards becoming productive and contributing members of society…

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Let's Stop This hunger and fullfill their happiness

Be part of an active global organization that builds, uplifts and transforms the life of every child we touch – both the disadvantaged and the advantaged – to rise, inspire and soar and ultimately become a great force for good in the world, changing lives forever.

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Words from children in our program