Rebuilding Lives Fund

KRIS REBUILDING LIVES FUND aims to help restore the lives of individuals and families who have fallen victim to disasters.


Following the great devastation that Typhoon Haiyan left on its wake, the KRIS Rebuilding Lives Fund donated homes and motorized boats to families that have fallen victim to the disaster.

In July 2015, during its biennial Lift Up the Orphans Mission trip, the KRIS team traveled to the islands of Leyte and Samar and had the wonderful opportunity of visiting with the Fund beneficiaries face to face. The team brought rice, groceries, clothes and shoes for the families and their neighbors.

The smiles on the families’ faces and the tears of gratitude that some of them shed in sincere thankfulness for the love and care afforded them was truly a HEARTWARMING experience.


The Rebuilding Lives Fund also helps select individuals with serious medical conditions and in dire need of treatment.