Orphanage visits

Coming face to face with orphans during our Orphanage Visits is the highlight of the Lift Up the Orphans Mission trips. The smiles on the children’s faces — being sheltered, loved and cared for — are a joy to behold. Hats off to all the big-hearted staff and administrators who made it their mission to care for the orphaned, abused, abandoned and neglected children.
These orphanage visits range from a day to a week depending on the project(s) we have planned to accomplish for the orphanages. In 2013, we visited close to a dozen orphanages and eight orphanages in 2015. These visits (some were return visits) allow us to forge lasting relationships with the orphanage children, staff and administrators and help us determine the ongoing needs of the orphanages. We maintain contact with most of them and provide ongoing support for their needs such as food, clothing, shoes and other basic necessities.
Join us on the KRIS Lift Up the Orphans trip 2019. Email info@kidsriseinspiresoar.org