KRIS Campus

A happy place where kids thrive in mind, body and spirit!

KRIS Campus is a dream project of Krissy Dufala, an orphaned girl-turned-child philanthropist and founder of KRIS Charitable Foundation. Following her Lift Up the Orphans Mission trip in 2013 when she visited a dozen orphanages, she has been inspired to build an orphanage campus where orphans may live and are cared for, get an education and grow to become contributing members of society.

KRIS Campus is envisioned to be built with economically self-sustaining features — these will be a key in building replicate facilities throughout the world, thus, upbuilding the lives of countless orphaned, abandoned and destitute children.

The first KRIS Campus is planned to be built in the Philippines. Come and take part with the KRIS Lift Up the Orphans Mission Team as they break ground for the first KRIS Campus facility in the Philippines in Summer 2017!

Krissy sings “Lost Boy” (by Ruth B) during a mini-concert she held to raise funds for the KRIS Campus project.