Provides a fun-filled sweets party for orphans worldwide.

Founded by Krissy Dufala in November 2010 at age 7, Sweets for the Holidays (SFTH) aims to bring joy and smiles to orphans worldwide. The idea sprouted in Krissy’s young mind following her first return visit to the orphanage in Davao, Philippines which was her home five years earlier.  It was at RSCC Davao where she hosted her first sweets party. The joy and smiles on the children’s faces were forever etched in her memory and inspired her to engage others to keep the fun-filled sweets parties going.

SFTH has truly gone global and has reached orphanages far and wide. Through our partnership with many global organizations, thousands of orphans have enjoyed the sweet treats to celebrate their birthdays and holidays in China, Congo, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Liberia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and many more countries.

Happy days are holidays in a child’s life. Orphans have gone through many unhappy circumstances in their lives. Sweets for the Holidays provides a happy and positive atmosphere, and the sweet message of abundant love and care being shared with them.

SFTH provides an easy way for young boys and girls to make a positive impact on the lives of others in need. Join many of these young philanthropists bring joy and smiles to orphans worldwide.  For only $100, sponsor a fun-filled Sweets for the Holidays party. DONATE now!